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About Us

About Us

Everything you ever wanted to know about us. Probably.

"We believe that any event organiser should be able to benefit from the efficiency of selling etickets for their events whether it's 10 tickets or 10,000.

It should be as simple as possible for you to sell tickets for your events. eTicketng.com is so easy to use that In less than 5 minutes you can be selling tickets, 24 hours a day; you can instantly review and edit your account and you can add as many events as you like.

t's your money, you should keep it; most companies collect the money for you and may even pay you after the event. We believe your money shouldn't be gathering interest in someone else's account! That's why with eTicketng.com you collect your revenue instantly.

Value for money and no hidden costs. We've done the maths and this is how much it costs. If you already have a provider and you or your customers are paying more than the above for your ticketing service then really you should be wondering what you're paying for.

They're your customers - you should own the relationship. With eTicketng.com you own your customer's contact database which will help you to market your future events directly to your customers.

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